Tartan 5300



Standing the Test of Time

This design provides optimum performance and ease of handling. Utilizing Tartan’s industry leading lamination techniques, the 5300 hull and deck composites are the strongest, lightest and safest in the industry. Weight conversing, advanced composites are used to increase all performance indicating ratios and allow for a higher ballast-to-displacement ratio, providing greater sail carrying ability and stability.

Sailplans That Deliver

Upwind, she is powered by a high performance 105% roller furling jib. The smaller size means easier tacking and better visibility, this sail can also be furled to a 90% jib without significant loss of sail shape. Offwind performance is maximized using a masthead, roller furling reacher that is easily handled by a couple. For greater strength and performance, the 5300 is fit with a two spreader carbon mast that saves 50% of the tube weight of an aluminum mast. Additionally, rod rigging further reduces weight aloft and provides less stretch and windage. These weight savings further improve the sail carrying ability, sea keeping motion and stability of the 5300.


The Tartan 5300 is designed as a cruising boat for sailors that appreciate performance. 46.5 feet of waterline and a displacement to length ratio of 165 deliver impressive daily passages and rewarding sailing characteristics. A narrow waterline entry angle and clean undistorted lines leading to broad aft quarters produce a hull with good upwind performance and powerful, sheets eased sailing. Through careful shaping, the hull has an even volume distribution throughout its length. This shape remains in symmetry when the boat heels and maintains good directional stability. Coupled with a high ballast-to-displacement ratio and low CG keel designs, the 5300 is an uncommonly stable and very well mannered sailing yacht.

Handling That’s A Breeze

Great performance, with easy handling begins with the correct rig choice. With over 15 years of development, the Leisure Furl™ in-boom furling system is a highly efficient, safe and simple method of reefing and controlling the mainsail. Each Leisure Furl boom is custom engineered and fabricated specificially for your Tartan 5300 and is elegantly tapered for attractiveness and weight savings.


Her raised salon, center cockpit deck design offers excellent on-deck visibility and security, and provides the structure for her extensive interior arrangement plans. Tartan 5300 is fit with a carbon fiber mast featuring a small overlapping working upwind headsail, off wind furling reacher and a Leisure FurlTM In-boom furling system for the main.


Interiors That Make The Difference

The interior of the 5300 is available in a range of layouts, all carefully fit out by Tartan craftsman in varnished cherry joiner-work and luxurious fabrics. Longer passages made easier by Tartan’s cruising innovations, the Tartan 5300 sets the new standard for the class.

Tartan 5300 Specifications & Features
Length overall
53 ft (16.15 m)
LWL 46.5 ft (14.17 m)
Beam max 16.1 ft (4.90 m)
6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
38,225 lbs (17,340 kg)
14,000 lbs (6,350 kg)
Ballast/Displacement 36%
Displacement/Length 169
Rig Dimensions
I Genoa 69.98 ft (21.33 m)
I Reacher 73.25 ft (22.33 m)
J Genoa 19.00 ft (5.79 m)
J Reacher 20.375 ft (6.21 m)
P 65.4 ft (19.93 m)
E 21.92 ft (6.68 m)
Bridge Clearance 80 ft (24.38 m)
Sail Area/Displacement
Genoa 100% fore triangle 19.47
Reacher 100% fore triangle 20.63
Sail Dimensions
Mainsail Area 716.78 sq ft (66.59 sq. m)
100% fore triangle, Genoa 664.80 sq ft (61.76 sq. m)
100% fore triangle, Reacher 746.23 sq ft (69.33 sq. m)
Total upwind SA 100% fore tri 1381.58 sq ft (128.4 sq. m)
Total reacher SA 100% fore tri 1463.01 sq ft (135.9 sq. m)
Engine 106 hp (79 kw)
Fuel tank
125 gal (473.2 l)
Water tank
250 gal (946.4 l)
Berths 6/8
CE Category “A” Unlimited Offshore Ocean
Designer Tim Jackett