Tartan 3700


Tartan 3700 | Performance

Unmatched Performance In A Luxury Cruiser

Upwind, the 3700 is fit with a roller furling, self-tacking jib. The cut is a high aspect ratio upwind blade with a long luff and tight sheeting angles. We increased the SA/Disp ratio to maintain light air performance and the high stability of the 3700 CCR allows the boat to carry full sail when others are reefing. Tacking is as simple as putting the helm over, while the jib and mainsail tack themselves. Short tacking out of a harbor or anchorage is done with little effort.


A key aspect of the Tartan 3700’s reassuring stability is the generous 12-foot 7-inch beam that is carried well aft, but with an innovative twist at the stern where topside flare adds plenty of deck and cockpit space, while keeping the transom waterline on the trim side.

Performance That Sets You Apart

When its time to ease the sheets, set the 3700’s CCR 150% furling masthead reacher. This sail can be used close reaching in lighter winds, broad reaching in heavier conditions and dead downwind, wing and wing with the mainsail. Tartan’s pursuit of the perfect performance cruiser will keep you sailing while others have no choice but to start their engine.

Stronger, Lighter, Stiffer & Safer

Stronger and stiffer means safer and faster. Because carbon can be tailored to meet the changing load requirements in a mast, extra material can be added where it is needed most, resulting in a mast that can be engineered with higher safety margins. A stiff rig remains in tune through changing conditions and results in all of the energy of the sails being directly transformed into the energy that drives the boat.


Optimal Deck Design

On-deck, the 3700 features details that deliver excellent aesthetics, comfort and security. Wide side decks provide safe and secure fore and aft movement, while abundant ventilation offerings include all-opening stainless steel house side portlights, cockpit portlights, stainless steel deck hatches and 2 stainless steel dorade ventilators with stainless guards.


At home on the water

The 3700’s accommodation plan works well for feeding and watering a cruising crowd, pampering an entire family or housing two cruising couples on an extended sailing vacation. The 2 staterooms are completely private and offer generously sized clothes drawers and hanging lockers. By cleverly angling the dinette’s bulkheads outward and the bulkheads of the navigation station and galley inward, the feel of the 3700’s interior suits the particular function of each space.

Tartan 3700 Specifications & Features
Length overall 37 ft (11.28 m)
LWL 32 ft 6 in (9.01 m)
Beam max 12 ft 8 in (3.86 m)
Fin Keel 7 ft 3 in (2.21 m)
Beavertail Keel 5.00 ft (1.52 m)
Keel/Centerboard 4 ft (1.22 m)
Fin Keel 15,950 lbs (7235 kg)
Beavertail Keel 16,150 lbs (7326 kg)
Keel/Centerboard 16,350 lbs (7416 kg)
Fin Keel 6,000 lbs (2722 kg)
Beavertail Keel 6,750 lbs (3062 kg)
Centerboard 6,400 lbs (2903 kg)
Rig Dimensions
I 51 ft 9 in (15.77 m)
J 15 ft (4.57 m)
P 45 ft 3 in (13.79 m)
E 15 ft (4.57 m)
Sail Dimensions
Total Sail Area 727.5 sq ft (67.58 sq m)
Mainsail Area 339.3 sq ft (31.52 sq m)
100% foretriangle 388.2 sq ft (36.01 sq m)
Bridge Clearance 56 ft (17.01 m)
Engine 40 hp diesel saildrive
Fuel tank 38 gal (143.85 l)
Water tank 80 gal (302.83 l)
Berths 7
Performance Ratios
SA / Disp 18.2
Ballast/Displacement 40%
Displacement/Length 210
CE Category “A” Unlimited Offshore Ocean
Designer Tim Jackett

Tartan 3700 Sailplan Layout
Tartan 3700 Interior Layout