Tartan 345


Tartan 345 | Performance

High-Performance, High-Volume Hull Design

The 345’s high volume hull form provides enough space for exceptional cruising accommodations, storage and a powerful shape that is easily driven and in balance over a wide range of sailing conditions. Forward sections are slightly veed providing an easy motion in a seaway and her aft sections are full and flat offering high speed potential in heavy conditions. The hull’s volume is evenly distributed through her length, which provides a symmetrical shape at all heel angles and maintains her light helm in more challenging conditions.

Deck Construction That Makes A Difference

The 345’s deck utilizes our custom vacuum resin infusion process, which employs high-strength BPA epoxy resin, unidirectional E-glass and select grade, sealed end grain balsa coring. Hardware is fastened to the deck with stainless steel machine screws that pass through reinforced, solid glass core windows and are tapped into 6061 T6 aluminum-backing plates. Beyond incredible strength and longevity, this installation allows for “on-deck” servicing of deck hardware. Tartan’s deck construction produces a lightweight, yet stiff and strong, deck structure, further complimenting the her excellent overall sailing characteristics.

Sailing Fast Can Be Easy

By optimizing the Tartan 345’s strength and weight characteristics and designing an easily driven hull, the Tartan 345’s standard headsail can be a smart, roller-furling 100% jib, trimmed to a self-tacking cabintop track. This working sail with the tack located just aft of the stem, is used for all upwind and heavy-air sailing while providing effortless tacking for sailing shorthanded or in a confined harbor. When sailing off-wind, the optional high-clewed furling reacher can be deployed for top performance.

A Stand Out Rig

The 345’s double-spreader, tapered, carbon-fiber mast is stiffer, stronger, and lighter than the aluminum masts found on virtually all production sailboats in her size range. These characteristics produce a rig that is easier to tune, remains stable in heavy air conditions, increases stability by decreasing weight aloft, and provides an easier motion in a seaway due to less pitching moment. While carbon masts remain an expensive option list item for other builders, Tartan delivers each boat with a carbon mast as standard equipment.


Optimal Deck Design

The deck is designed for maximum comfort and safety and embraces classic yacht aesthetics. Her cockpit offers high seatbacks for comfort and a deep and secure cockpit for safety. Wide sidedecks allow her crew to move fore and aft without being encumbered by the excessive house structures seen on so many current production offerings. The wrap-around coaming not only provides a striking tie to her heritage, it also serves as a splash rail and convenient location for mounting a dodger, both of which offer additional cockpit comfort and security.


At home on the water

Below deck, our trademarks are evident throughout. From companionway drop board racks, to cherry trim and raised-panel cabin and cabinet doors, to angled bulkheads and partitions—each element works in unison to create a pleasing perspective while utilizing interior spaces to their fullest potential. Offering two full cabins, a full navigation desk, a more than adequate galley and a spacious head with stall shower and wet locker, every inch has been thoughtfully incorporated into this 34-foot vessel.

Tartan 345 Specifications & Features
Length overall
LWL 30 ft 5in
Beam max 11 ft 11 in
Deep Fin Keel 6 ft 6 in
Beavertail Keel 4 ft 11in
Fin Keel 10,800 lbs
Beavertail Keel 11,000 lbs
Fin Keel 3,500 lbs
Beavertail Keel 3,700 lbs
Rig Dimensions
I 46.0 ft
J 12 ft 9 in
P 44 ft 4 in
E 14 ft 9 in
Sail Dimensions
Total Sail Area 620.18 sq ft
Mainsail Area 326.93 sq ft
100% foretriangle 293.25 sq ft
Bridge Clearance 55 ft
Engine 30 hp diesel saildrive
Fuel tank 25 gal
Water tank 60 gal
Berths 6
Performance Ratios
SA / Disp 18.8
Ballast/Displacement 34%
Displacement/Length 171.3
Designer Tim Jackett

Tartan 345 Sailplan Layout
Tartan 3700 Interior Layout